(Middle is wearing red.  He doesn’t look like he is about to sit down when he runs.) When I wasn’t looking spring sprung and brought with it our practice track meet (I coach and serve as Director of Communications for our club) and spring break.  In other words, the time of year when the house […]


by Rebecca on October 17, 2013


After a pretty late night out with my running girlfriends, MFP and I hit the track early this morning to do a small photo shoot for a another project I am working on (details coming soon).

A few more photos from Boston Marathon 2013

by Rebecca on April 24, 2013


Kristin and I waited for an hour and a half in Athlete’s Village out in Hopkinton.  We took my friend’s advice and took later busses so that we wouldn’t have to hang there for too long.

Hammering it out with the marching band

by Rebecca on November 1, 2012


MFP and I went over to the track for marching band practice this morning, but because we don’t know how to play any instruments we decided to run intervals instead.


by Rebecca on October 11, 2012


Though blurry, this was the absolute best picture taken of me by Brightroom at Sunday’s marathon.


by Rebecca on August 30, 2012


Now you see him.

I fell in love

by Rebecca on August 3, 2012


On today’s run I am going to close my eyes and try to conjure up the spectacular views I left behind in Mammoth Lakes. I sent my point and shoot with Oldest, so I used my iPhone on these runs to record the scenery.

The backyard

by Rebecca on July 8, 2012



by Rebecca on April 9, 2012


I guess the skies really are blue in Carolina.


by Rebecca on March 25, 2012


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