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Champions train, losers complain

As a result of the end-of-the-year and graduation squeeze, I haven’t had the head space to sit down and write.  But I have had plenty of time to question the validity of running blogging and instagramming and other such things. My tragic flaw is that I overthink things, so that I cannot see them simply and purely.  Thus complex mom, right? On the one hand, I do enjoy sharing information and writing stories.  On the other, I think there is a certain amount of narcissism…

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Miles on the mill and a gigantic Snicker’s bar

When life gets busy, there’s nothing like a treadmill to keep you running strong.  Because we are trying to survive an extremely busy month, I have been jumping on mine at least once a week to get in a few miles. I love the fact that I can get my miles in, shower, and be back to work in an hour.  Of course, I prefer outside running, and when I’m training for a big race, I try to avoid the treadmill altogether.  Running outside in…

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Sore quads and refueling with cake

Zelda is a crazy cat, but we love her to pieces. Youngest turned 11 the other day, so we got him a set of wheels so that he can continue chasing his older brothers at a breakneck pace. My youngest child is 11! So there has been a lot of celebrating this week.  Running has been dicey, as my quads continue to remind me of the pain I put them through on Sunday morning. Therefore I am either running on flat land or bagging my…

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