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Developing kitten intellect and a long, slow stride


Youngest has insisted on educating Zelda early and often.  Yesterday’s lesson was geology, even though she most likely will never come in contact with the outdoors (coyotes).  It’s very important for a girl to develop her intellect instead of relying on her looks.  She’ll be the smartest cat on the block, no doubt. Last night I figured out why she likes to sleep with me:  my hair. I took all of that hair out on my last tempo run before the half-marathon next weekend.  I’ll…

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800s, side planks and snot rockets


Yes, I did do my running workout before doing my side planks, but it wasn’t pretty. Running 800 repeats is always a love/hate thing for me.  I love them because they are over in two laps.  I hate them because I know my times too well, and I can easily do math in my head while I run and figure out whether or not I am in racing shape.  (Conversely, I can not do simple math on long runs.) Generally, at the beginning of a…

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Chaos, kittens and my training roundup


After another busy weekend of cross country, homecoming and general chaos, Monday morning already feels like a bit of a break. The kitten, who we are naming Zelda, continues to intrigue my three boys.  She has all of them in the palm of her paws. I admit I was a little reticent about her arrival, mainly because I feel like I am topped off in the worry-about-other-beings department.  However,  she cuddled up beside me on her first night here and has been my constant sleeping…

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