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800s, side planks and snot rockets


Yes, I did do my running workout before doing my side planks, but it wasn’t pretty. Running 800 repeats is always a love/hate thing for me.  I love them because they are over in two laps.  I hate them because I know my times too well, and I can easily do math in my head while I run and figure out whether or not I am in racing shape.  (Conversely, I can not do simple math on long runs.) Generally, at the beginning of a…

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Chaos, kittens and my training roundup


After another busy weekend of cross country, homecoming and general chaos, Monday morning already feels like a bit of a break. The kitten, who we are naming Zelda, continues to intrigue my three boys.  She has all of them in the palm of her paws. I admit I was a little reticent about her arrival, mainly because I feel like I am topped off in the worry-about-other-beings department.  However,  she cuddled up beside me on her first night here and has been my constant sleeping…

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Running up mountains and wrinkled foreheads


Though it was a tad bit risky, yesterday I decided that running up to the top of a mountain would be the best way to knock out my cold. It was kind of like giving myself a fever, which I never had during the cold. Katie was the only one in our running group crazy enough to join me on the four-mile climb up Beaudry trail.  Not only that, but she was nice enough to wait for me when I turned my car around and…

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