My Training

The crazy masseuse and a very old athlete

by Rebecca on August 27, 2014


I had no idea he had it in him, but apparently MFP is quite the recovery expert.

When a run doesn’t go as planned

by Rebecca on August 26, 2014


Even though I ran twice yesterday, first on the treadmill in the morning, and then again in the evening with the cross country team, somehow I expected to have myself a nice, hard workout this morning. (#coachingproblems) I planned to run some 800’s on the track, but decided that tempo(ish) would be better due to […]

The long run and this week’s training roundup

by Rebecca on August 25, 2014


First of all, let’s get my new food obsession out of the way.

Hitting the hills and screaming at the computer

by Rebecca on August 21, 2014


My friend Katie and I got our strappy (bras) on today and went up into the hills with our other friends Carolyn and Jill.

Smoothies, clown shoes and tempo intervals

by Rebecca on August 19, 2014


Did you know that the best way to wake up a grumpy teenager is to plug in your Nutri-Bullet? Well, it is.

Training roundup

by Rebecca on August 18, 2014


And just like that, things are looking up on the running front.


I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Charlie.  He has been lounging around all week long since the boys started back to school, not even feigning nostalgia for the wild days of summer when they were creating chaos in his midst all day long.  He doesn’t even pretend to miss them.  He snores, […]

Back to the grind

by Rebecca on August 14, 2014


It didn’t take long for us to settle right back into our school routine.  Youngest is a bit disgruntled, though, because now Middle has been sucked into the vortex of high school cross country with Oldest and is absent daily until around the time when people with full-time jobs come rolling through the door. He […]

You’ve got this?

by Rebecca on August 13, 2014

(couldn’t resist) I’ve had more than my share of challenging runs this summer:  time zone changes, high humidity, heat, altitude and steep hills.  More than a few times I have wanted to put my hand on my knees, bend over, and give up.

Simplifying and a perfect butt

by Rebecca on August 12, 2014


One of the consequences of going away three times this past summer was the overwhelming desire to simplify my life upon my return. When we returned from the East coast, I immediately began cleaning out drawers and closets.  Does anyone else do this? Suddenly notice all the clutter that has been there all along? I […]