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Fear and loathing and marathon running


As I sit here calmly poised, my Nuun and water glass both balanced on the table beside me, inside I am freaking the eff out! This is not like me.  I usually tell runners that race day is really just the celebration of all of their hard work.  People, I cannot take my own advice! I will fill you in on exactly why I feel this way.  On the first mile of my last marathon, I didn’t have it:  that feeling of lightness and excitement,…

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The right amount of fuel and a terrible name


I have two goals for this marathon, and they are both related to shortcomings I experienced in my last two. The first one is to not show up bloated.  I carbo-loaded so heavily and sat around so much in the days leading up to Mountains 2 Beach back in May that I spent the first six miles feeling extremely uncomfortable (aka very full and heavy).  I vowed to never go so far overboard with my glycogen uploading ever again. So this week I have been…

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Some pre-marathon meltdowns and a control freak


First of all, let’s get the running misery out of the way. I HATE TO RUN! I hate all of my running shoes. I am bloated.  I am sluggish. Did I mention that I hate to run? Deep breath.  I do hate all of my running shoes.  The ones pictured above, the Nike Elite 7’s are too firm for the marathon, and I really had my hopes set on them to bring me across the finish line with a shiny new PR. Plus they are…

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