Back to the oval office…ugh


After months of avoiding it, we finally went back today.

When I say we avoided it, we did so for good reason.  The school’s coach told us back in the spring that the place was going to be shut down all summer for repairs.  We were happy to believe him.

Yet nothing happened while we weren’t showing up;  it was the same as we had happily left it back in May.

Nonetheless, it was time to face it again;  the measurement, the redness, the ovalness of it.


It’s fun to just run and run and run and not worry about measurement.  Isn’t it?

But today we decided, for Katie’s birthday, to torture ourselves.

The workout was 2 sets of 4 400’s with 200 jogs in between.

Our average pace was sad, sad, sad.

Very sad.

But we did it.  And now we can go back each week and try to improve until we find ourselves on some starting line in the fall.


The best part of the workout was the aftermath.



Refueling is hard work.

It’s funny.  When I am doing long runs and no track work, I like to think to myself, “I am more of a short distance runner.  This is why this run feels so hard.  I belong on the track.”

And then when I’m on the track I think, “I am more of a long distance runner.  I belong on the roads.”

I don’t know.  It’s not just me, right?

Have a good one!

Salt replacement and last week’s training


Cross country practices in 90 degree heat on hilly terrain are fully underway.  It’s mind-boggling how many kids actually sign up to do this pastime here in SoCal.  It is serious work.


Which is why I got up at the crack of dawn today to my long run.

We did 16 miles at a fairly consistent pace, all before 8:30 a.m.


All of this hot-weather running makes the cool chlorine-fueled water in the backyard even more enticing.

IMG_4773And also, margaritas.

We need the salt when we run so much in this crazy heat.


Last week’s training:

Monday:  6 easy miles on the mill

Tuesday:  10 miles with 6, .20 mile hill repeats

Wednesday:  6 easy recovery

Thursday:  6 miles outside, 3 more on the mill + ran with the kids at xc practice

Friday:  9 mile trail run

Saturday: off

Sunday:  16 miles @ 8:11

Hope you had a great weekend too!

A trail run and a question answered


With temperatures predicted to reach 100 degrees today, we opted to head for a shady trail.  We also had to get out there as early as possible.

Long trail runs are great therapy, of course.  But also good for laughs. Today we met a guy on the trail, just as we were finishing, who warned us about a bear living and hanging out nearby.

“Sir what you don’t understand,” we said calmly, “is that we are so loud and boisterous during our runs, that any bear that comes within earshot of us will have been fairly warned of our presence.”

(Girlz, use your indoor voices…)

The run was the last of the week for me, as I also ran a few repeats with the cross country team last night.  In short, my legs are warning me that a day off is necessary.

One of the things that perplexes me about Instagram and such is the running shots that people are able to get of themselves.  I have never understood how they manage to get shots that look like they are leaping through the air.  The shots that we playfully take during our water breaks make us look like we are hunched over and pathetic.

How do they do it?  I wondered.  (And also when?  At the end of the run?  At the beginning?  In the middle when they are tired?)

So we did a test today.

I told Katie:

“I think they are not running during those shots.  And it’s not an upbeat either.  It’s bounding, a drill we have the kids do during track season…”

So I bounded.


(Of course there were outtakes.)


IMG_4764And then we got it!  The shot that everyone gets for Insta.  (They don’t usually have a stupid grin like me, but a more composed, serious look.)

It’s bounding, though, not running.

Running looks terrible.

IMG_4761But bounding is fun, ya’ll.

So I suppose that people take the time to do some bounding with a self-timer and it’s really a win win.  You get the neuro-muscular adaptation along with brag-worthy shot.  Perfect.  I’ve had a hunch about this for a while, so it makes me feel better now to understand it.

When you see a camera on the side of the road during your next race, do some bounding!  It’s going to be all the rage at races.  No more downbeat shots, people.

Speaking of rage, I need to get back to the laundry.



At least I can watch the World Champs while I fold.

IMG_4768One last thing before I go…

For any of you who have been following along for a while, you may know that I’ve tried Hoka’s a few times in the past, and that both times I sent them back. (Ankle rubbing, a running in sand sensation, etc.)

They didn’t click for me.

This time, however, I am a big fan. HUGE!

Long story short:  when I went to Hawaii back in the early summer, I wore thongs around all week long (not the bathing suit– duh I’m old).  But flip-flop type shoes.

By the end of the week I had worked up a neuroma in my left foot, which remained flared the rest of the summer.

I tried to wear supportive footwear, like the Nike Structure 18, to keep the forefoot from rolling.  That worked for a while.

And then I finally gave in and got the Hoka Clifton.  I actually got them for half-price from a lady who didn’t like hers but was unable to return them to the store.

I have run in them almost exclusively for three weeks and the foot feels so much better.  Of course, they are last year’s version.

But that’s how I roll.  Though hopefully I can figure out a new way to roll in the coming months.

Have a great weekend!