My Training


Yes, that is a composting bin in the background.  I really need to get it together with this marathon training stuff, so I figured that writing about my training might force me to come to terms with how pathetic this cycle seems plan-wise.

A dog, a weird dude and a pair of trail shoes

by Rebecca on April 11, 2014


I have three track meets lined up between today and tomorrow, but before I take off and live the next two days inside the red oval, I have a few things I want to share.

A ride on the pain train

by Rebecca on April 10, 2014


(Selfie while hiding huge zit on chin) I took my brand new, massive zit out for a ride today on the pain train.

Trying hard to be a try-hard

by Rebecca on April 8, 2014


(Trying hard) I spent a good part of my college years waiting on tables, and I thought, as I graduated from that time of my life, that everyone should be required to do so at least for a while, before they are allowed to eat at restaurants.

Unwinding the tightly wound

by Rebecca on April 3, 2014

It’s been a long time since I have rolled out of bed for a 4:30 a.m. workout.  Back in the day this used to be the norm, but then I got old and decided that sleeping needed to become more of a priority if I didn’t want to look like an old hag by the […]

Sometimes you get what you wish for

by Rebecca on April 2, 2014

I never win anything.  Even the little ads that pop up on my computer give me false hope.

Running up hills and other fun stuff

by Rebecca on April 1, 2014


We conquered the mountain again today. Again this week I decided to substitute a hilly run for the track.  Not only do I have a bit of a mental block against suffering on the red oval so soon after my last marathon, but I also feel like running up hills, in many ways, is much […]

Feeling a little off

by Rebecca on March 31, 2014


When I found Charlie like this on Saturday evening, I knew we were sort of going through the same thing.

This week in training

by Rebecca on March 28, 2014


Even though my life outside of running did quite a number on me this week, running itself has gone relatively well. Now if I can figure out how to also pull everything else together, including my out-of-control-hair, then we would be in business.

Some #upness and a super-energetic lady

by Rebecca on March 26, 2014


I went out today and took in a huge dose of #upness with some crazy running ladies that I know.