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Putting the tiger in the cat…training roundup

First let’s get the numbers out of the way:

Miles: 67

Speed: 6 x 800 in the 102 degree heat, a brutal workout

Hill run:  run up Beaudry Blvd. (elevation gain of about 1500 feet over 3 miles)

Tempo: 6 mile progression starting at 7:47 and working down to 7:03

Long run:  18 miles @8:15 average

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It’s mill time

A good sign of a productive week is an upside down house.  All it takes is a few more things on the to-do list to make our abode look like someone actually picked it, shook it around, and let everything fall where it may. 


To that end, I woke up super early and ran on the mill in order to squeeze in a little cleanup-around-the-house time today.  When I ran the sun wasn’t out yet;  in fact, it wasn’t even thinking about being out.

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Strength is my weakness


(I apologize for my brief absence.  A virus on my computer figured out how to attack my FTP files on the server.  It took me, ATT and the hosting company five days and countless hours working together over lengthy phone calls to figure it all out.  In layman’s terms:   I couldn’t get to the blog to update it.)

I would love to tell you that I have been riding high on awesome training miles over the Labor Day weekend, but the truth is, I have struggling a bit mentally with this whole running thing.  (I did have one amazing run, but I will talk more about that tomorrow.)

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