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A lap perch and a change in shoe drop


As soon as I walk through the door from my run each morning, Zelda chases me around until I finally sit still long enough for her to perch on my lap.  It’s not a very nice lap,  as it is slightly narrow and made worse by all of the mileage I put in. (#runnerproblem) For this reason, Buster, our lovely cat who passed away last year, always preferred MFP over me and my narrow lap. But this cat is more like me;  she thrives on…

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A tragic end to my little experiment


My little experiment with going wheat-free ended tragically over the weekend, when  became so hungry that I indulged in two bagels and a slice of pizza on the same day. It all started as we were packing up for the CIF Preliminary meet out at Mt. SAC on Saturday.  Or perhaps it was the day before, when I was frantically running work-related errands and also trying to be a good mom and show up for the elementary school jog-a-thon (yes, I am one of those…

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A catch-up and a roundup


So after my little race last week, I am back to my old ways of using the restroom on the side of the road during my Sunday morning long runs.  Katie actually had to pull me back up out of this position because I did so many jump squats on Friday that my legs were absolutely unable to climb out of my private little spot. We put in 16 easy ones this morning to kick off the marathon training season. My legs were actually forced…

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