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Filling up the tank and putting in the hard work


I finally bit the bullet and made overnight steel cut oats yesterday.  I know.  I know.  I’m so far behind the healthy living blogging trends. Because my appetite has been so out of control during this taper, I am trying to fill my stomach with healthy foods to try to dissuade it from wanting all the cake. And that includes a substantial, fiber-filled breakfast, though it hasn’t stopped me from being ravenous after my short runs. (Katie and I tried these shakes out post-run the…

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Checking off my to-do list


Like everyone and their brothers, I hate the taper, though I won’t bore you with tales of being bloated and a bit manic. Instead, I will share with you a few pictures of what I’ve been doing now that I’m not running 24/7 trying to reach my 80 mpw goal every week. I finally replaced my favorite lipstick with a similar one.  (It was discontinued a while ago.)  This is one of those errands I did not feel like doing, so I just wore Chapstick…

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I finally found my love language!


You know how people talk about what their “love language” is?  Like receiving gifts or spending time together? Well, MFP asked me the other night what I thought my love language is.  I drew a complete blank. “Well, I do like to get gifts, and I do like spending time together, but I don’t think that either of those is my ‘love language’.” To be honest, I don’t spend a lot of my free time thinking about how I best like to be shown love. …

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