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A really bad outfit and good cup of joe


I ventured out into the rain today with all of the wrong clothes.  I don’t have a lot of weather resistant gear as I don’t need it often in SoCal;  the only proper running jacket I’ve ever owned I lost in the gear check at the Nike Women’s marathon a few years back.  I do like my official Boston marathon jacket, but it can’t handle a downpour, that’s for sure. So I ended up in this lovely outfit:  cheap yoga pants from TJ Maxx, a…

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Making it hurt and the Glide Boost are soft soft shoes


I have to snap myself out of this bliss that is marathon training.  I am loving accumulating miles and miles, so much so that I have completely forgotten what it feels like to HURT. This turning of the corner that has occurred is absolutely delightful, and I shudder to remember what it felt like just a month or so ago when going over 10 miles at a time felt like work. I must remind myself, though, that all of the easy miles don’t add up…

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Rainy day running and a quick boost


This strange liquid began falling from the sky last night, and it was so freaking frightening that Zelda did her best prairie dog impression and Charlie jumped into bed with Middle, laying is paw over the unsuspecting teenager’s face. You would think these pets are from California where rain only happens like twice a year. Anyway, I am usually more than happy to go out and run in it, but I wasn’t really into finding all the right clothes and hats today.  I stuck it…

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