Friday Favorites

April 4, 2014

Some days I wake up looking for inspiration and motivation;  others, I can barely stand it.  Today it was the latter. I did not want to see a single meme telling me that I was not hardcore if I did not run.  The truth is, today I needed to just be in my life without […]

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Unwinding the tightly wound

April 3, 2014

It’s been a long time since I have rolled out of bed for a 4:30 a.m. workout.  Back in the day this used to be the norm, but then I got old and decided that sleeping needed to become more of a priority if I didn’t want to look like an old hag by the […]

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Sometimes you get what you wish for

April 2, 2014

I never win anything.  Even the little ads that pop up on my computer give me false hope.

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Running up hills and other fun stuff

April 1, 2014

We conquered the mountain again today. Again this week I decided to substitute a hilly run for the track.  Not only do I have a bit of a mental block against suffering on the red oval so soon after my last marathon, but I also feel like running up hills, in many ways, is much […]

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Feeling a little off

March 31, 2014

When I found Charlie like this on Saturday evening, I knew we were sort of going through the same thing.

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This week in training

March 28, 2014

Even though my life outside of running did quite a number on me this week, running itself has gone relatively well. Now if I can figure out how to also pull everything else together, including my out-of-control-hair, then we would be in business.

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Some #upness and a super-energetic lady

March 26, 2014

I went out today and took in a huge dose of #upness with some crazy running ladies that I know.

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No more zoning out

March 24, 2014

I tossed and turned all night long, so anxious was I to get this next marathon training cycle going. I am so excited to try a few new things this time around, so the #runnerd in me, the part of me that gets on my family’s nerves, is just overflowing with ideas on how I’ll […]

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You can’t take us anywhere

March 23, 2014
2012-12-25 09.44.52

It turns out that both Charlie and I had to reach down deep into our coping mechanisms tool box to get through spring break this year.  I dropped into my southern accent and chose to forgo grammatically correct language, and he decided to hide hamburger buns and donuts in between sofa cushions. (Closet carb addict)

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Building the shield

March 21, 2014

So, over the past two weeks I have accomplished just a few things, the sort of things one can do without using one’s brain.  Like building a few biceps that even a Cross Fitter-type couldn’t disregard.

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