I have been under the weather this week;  yep, I got MFP’s cold. I also turned 43, which is strange because I feel like I am much older and much younger.  Forty three?  No. The boys gave me something that I have never had in my house:  a girl.  Well, a kitten.  But a female nonetheless. Even though we are still outnumbered, the two of us can work together to create some change around this testosterone-fueled abode. (As long as Charlie doesn’t eat her first. …

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A fun birthday and training roundup


Life got in the way of training last week. I drove Middle up to Fresno for a massive invitational meet which took place on his birthday.  There is nothing he loves more than running (apple?  tree?), so it was perfect. I get out much, as most of you know.  My little nucleus is right here, within a 5-mile radius of my house, so it’s always interesting to get away. Especially because I learn things like the fact that you can now watch TV while pumping…

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Anatomy of a tempo


So yesterday I crammed a tempo run into a 14-miler, sort of as insurance if, due to my schedule, I am unable to run long this weekend. It was a two-for-one if you will. And something I hope to continue doing during my marathon buildup. I’ve talked before about how I used to balk at people who threw speed into their long runs, because it just seemed so freaking grueling to me.  (Running should be fun!) But if we want to run faster than 80-something-year-olds,…

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