The things that you should do but don’t do

I don’t know how I feel about buying brand new pants with big hole in them.  When the boys were little I literally wore out the knees in all of my jeans from playing around on rugs with toddlers. Now I pay for holes?  Seriously. Now it’s all about finding a pair of pants that fit my runner’s physique:  small waist, big calves, strong thighs.  It’s really not an easy task. Also I hate hate hate hate to shop.  MFP knows that about me.  So…

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Use injustice to fuel your fire

First, a few words of advice regarding the college application process: Burn all of the marketing materials that arrive in your mailbox each day from elite colleges. Oldest received glossy catalogs from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Columbia and Stanford, among others.  They all came with letters saying that he looked like a great candidate for their school.  Bull sh*t!  (He didn’t apply to most of those schools anyway, but still.) He also received special invitations to open houses, etc. Burn those too! They want your…

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Track weekend, an anecdote and a uniform

The weekend was spent at various tracks around Southern California.  I am sunburned, my voice is hoarse and I am dehydrated…all signs of a good time. Meanwhile Zelda stayed home with MFP and helped clean up the house.  She gets pretty excited when he mops the dining room floor because she gets to sleep in the upside down chairs. We did get the chance to dash out for some tapas on Saturday night.  There wasn’t a drop of food left anywhere on our table.  Except…

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