Post-run nutrition and last week’s training

I always bring some sort of recovery food with me on my run so that I can get in some nutrition during that crucial first 30 minutes afterward.  For a while it was chocolate milk, perhaps a Picky bar.  And then my grocery bill began to go up and up and up with the boys running all of their calories off on the red oval every day.  So then it became a granola bar or anything else I could grab on my way out the…

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Sore quads and refueling with cake

Zelda is a crazy cat, but we love her to pieces. Youngest turned 11 the other day, so we got him a set of wheels so that he can continue chasing his older brothers at a breakneck pace. My youngest child is 11! So there has been a lot of celebrating this week.  Running has been dicey, as my quads continue to remind me of the pain I put them through on Sunday morning. Therefore I am either running on flat land or bagging my…

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Race report: Verdugo Mountains 10K

(Former, current athletes and friends) I tossed and turned the night before the Verdugo Mountain 10K, not sure if I was up for running up a mountain in race mode.  I had discussed the race with some of the kids from track on Thursday night at practice, and the general consensus at the time was, “why not…it sounds fun…” So when I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to punish myself in such a way, I tried to think back to the…

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