A tragic end to my little experiment


My little experiment with going wheat-free ended tragically over the weekend, when  became so hungry that I indulged in two bagels and a slice of pizza on the same day. It all started as we were packing up for the CIF Preliminary meet out at Mt. SAC on Saturday.  Or perhaps it was the day before, when I was frantically running work-related errands and also trying to be a good mom and show up for the elementary school jog-a-thon (yes, I am one of those…

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Gourds n things


(source) Though my heart is warmed by walking up the driveway to one of the houses who have gourds tumbling down their front steps and flags announcing the harvest season hailing from their roofs, seeing it also makes me feel like a complete failure. I don’t have the Gourds n things gene, or any other seasonal-cheerleading paraphernalia anymore.  All of it went the way of the recession. Though I would love to go to Target and spend a few hundred dollars here or there to…

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Those damn dishes


(source) So you may have noticed that I have been blogging a lot less frequently lately.  Well, there’s a simple explanation for that: I have been busy doing the dishes. You see, back in August the upstairs air conditioner broke around the same time that the dishwasher stopped showing up for work.  (Maytag, you know.)  Since we are not rolling in dough, we had to make a tough decision.  Do we let the boys burn up in their beds each night, or do we pay…

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