Training roundup and a self-timer fail


We were eager to get going this morning, even though one of has had stayed out way too late and was so tired driving to our meeting place that she took a wrong exit.  Consequently I took this beautiful photo while waiting around in my Saucony’s. Since I have an alibi, in that I was watching “Divergent” with the family and then processing it while I tried and failed to fall asleep for hours afterward, it was not I who hit the sack far past…

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Smashing my new shoes down and a distracting workout


This is how you know that you needed fresh kicks:  you put one old one and one new one on and the new one makes you an inch taller. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get out there tomorrow and start smashing the new ones down. Today I hit the track for a few, or perhaps a lot of 400s. I may or may not have circled it a few times. Like 20. Believe me, this wasn’t a speed workout;  it was…

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