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Anatomy of a tempo

So yesterday I crammed a tempo run into a 14-miler, sort of as insurance if, due to my schedule, I am unable to run long this weekend. It was a two-for-one if you will. And something I hope to continue doing during my marathon buildup. I’ve talked before about how I used to balk at people who threw speed into their long runs, because it just seemed so freaking grueling to me.  (Running should be fun!) But if we want to run faster than 80-something-year-olds,…

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Training roundup and a fighting chance

Yesterday’s long run began extra early, as we are smack in the middle of a string of evil Indian summer 100 degree days. Getting up early was worth it;  however, as we were able to finally get our long run down below 8-minute pace.  My goal for the upcoming marathon training cycle is to be able to get a few of my 20-plus-milers down to a pretty good clip.  Yesterday’s 18 at 7:57 pace is very encouraging. We spend the first half of our run…

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